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Well I decided to search the Internet for “Sigma Game Fantasia” the other day and I am glad I did, since it answered a question I have had on the bingos from Japan for a long time now, where the original site I found them on was named “Medal Games” and I never got the connection between that name and the whole bingo-theme of these machines??





Well it turns out, that the name Game Fantasia is a set of public game parks set up in Japan for Amusement Devices!


You have to lean up close to the screen to see the detail of the top picture, but check out the Top Title and check out the Feature Boxes and they all point toward a set of gamerooms!!



Now these lower Mouseovers really caught my attention, their all being titled Medal, so I knew I was really on to something and continued to pursue this for well over and hour and Wham!


When I started seeing a bunch of coin sites pop up, I knew I had found the final clue!


Jeton - Sigma




Oh I have somehow come into possession of a strange coin…it says ‘Sigma: Amusement Only’ on one side and ‘Game Fantasia, 1971′ on the other. I have no idea where it came from. It’s my tour charm.




Fichas - 065 - Game Fantasia 1971

Amusement Sigma Only. Topo





Based upon all of this, I think these Sigma Bingos were out in one or more of these Amusement Gamerooms and that they were Token Machines, which is probably true for every game on the premises.


~ It all makes sense, if these tokens were referred to as Medals ~


 ~ Medal Games ~


Now when I found the Sega Bingos, one or more of their pages was titled Medal Game Museum and when I found the Sigma Bingos one or more of their pages were titled MEDAL GAME MANIAX!!




~ I love that! _ A very nice twist on Medal Game Maniacs ~


(the Gallery link was the main gateway to most all of the Sigma photos I have)










Definition: game room n. A recreation room, especially a room used for table games, such as pool, pinball, or table tennis.


Definition: An amusement arcade or video arcade is a venue where people play arcade games such as video games, pinball machines, electro-mechanical games, redemption games


Definition:  ma·ni·ac  n. 1. A person who has an excessive enthusiasm or desire for something 2. A person who acts in a wildly irresponsible way.



































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