IC bingo


IC Bingo (IC-BINGO) is a genre of games that use medals in arcade games (so-called medal games ).

At that time Sigma (current  Adores / Aruze ), which was a medal game maker, developed as a direct-operated store referring to overseas-made mechanical mecha virgin such as Barry. Some models are being sold to the outside although they are small quantities.

It is called IC Bingo in the sense that it distinguishes it from mechanical mechigo gigo which was composed of a lot of relays etc without using IC at all, but because the atmosphere of the mecha Bingo which Mania was many at that time is not impaired, for relays and solenoids only for reproducing the sound Is mounted. PSG sound source also exists on the board, but it is rarely used.

In the 1980s in the world of medal games, I blew out of the world, but there are also changes in the players' level and the orientation of the operators, and currently only a small number of domestic sales operators are running in the domestic market. In medal games, as few machines can "acquire medals with their own ability", people who know it are becoming known.

table of contents

                     1The trigger of development

                     2Basic way to play IC Bingo


o                                        3.1Contents of condition

                     4Extra ball

                     5Techniques and precautions on playing IC bingo

                     6Main features and features by model

Causes of development edit ]

In 1980 , Sigma had developed a store dealing only with Bingo-IN, a bingo. Prior to the enforcement of the wind fencing law, it was open 24 hours, but as the aging of the mechanical viggo advanced, the burden on the technical section 1 which carries out maintenance at the store became heavier. Particularly due to the deterioration of blade parts and the procurement of special parts such as solenoids, it has become more difficult to develop our company. However, rather than making each case, we will put the prototype into the BINGOIN subnade. In order to gain a certain understanding, we promoted IC conversion. The case uses Bounty (Mecha Vinggo). At that time Sigma made heavy use of 6809 and OS - 9 , so I made a control board using 6809. Installation of knocker and flushing simulation which occur when raising future are equipped. I built a hopper, which was a posterior worker, in the chassis.

Basic way to play IC bingo Edit ]

Simply put, it is a machine for playing bingo playing as a party game, for one person.

Machines can be roughly divided into two parts: a board surface and a card / condition display surface. There are 26 holes on the board surface like a pinball , one with numbers numbered 1 to 25 and one written with "RETURN BALL" each.

The player enters an arbitrary number of medals and BETs (gambles), thereby determining the "conditions" in the game on the card / condition display surface and driving metal balls into the board using a plunger It is circulated internally and is set automatically in the plunger), drop it in a hole and arrange it so that it is aligned with one of the vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines against the number on the bingo card (Or put it in the same color section), medals corresponding to the color specified on that board surface (basically three colors of red, yellow and green, but also blue and orange exist depending on the situation) "It is a game that can acquire medals by" condition "predetermined as". A simple procedure is as follows.

1.     Throw in medals.

2.     Hit the ball until you decide five balls.

3.     If the numbers are aligned, press the count button to confirm.

4.     Return to 1..

3. It is important that when the numbers are aligned, it is necessary to note that there is an action to push the count button on the right of the coin insertion slot to confirm the winning medals. The count can be made from the time when 3 balls are hit (the state where the 4th ball is in the plunger).

The items that the player can operate are as follows.

1.     Medal return lever (Used when clogged medals are clogged.)

2.     Plunger (It is a spring-loaded stick and it is used when striking a ball.)

3.     BET button (Press to make a BET from a medal entered in credit, although red is common, there are also models with three different buttons (described later).)

4.     EXTRA button (Yellow is common, pushing when you want to take an EXTRA ball drawing)

5.     Counting button (When pushed when it comes to getting a payout, the machine starts counting and gets medals (or starts an OK game (to be described later)).

6.     Magic screen action buttons (There is right and left, depending on the condition (to be described later) whether to move or not)

7.     Continuous input button (It is convenient to insert the first piece while pressing while inserting medals into a credit collectively.)

8.     Payout button (Press to pay medals in credits.)

9.     Conclusion Insert button (Some models, you can receive 10 draws at once by pressing the BET button while pressing.)

10. The platform itself (See bottom "Techniques and notes".)

Condition edit ]

"Condition" means that in this game, on the occasion of playing (winning) the game in which the medals are inserted, the contents of the awards selected by the machine, the degree of freedom for the game, preferential treatment for the payout etc. are collectively described It is what we call it. Basically it is written in English that it seems to be in the range of mecha vinggo which had done similar things with relay switch before doing the operation by IC. Also, basically since these indications were made on an incandescent lamp on the glass board surface, it is common in this game to call that the condition is established as "lit". For this reason, the fact that the condition is established in this article may be referred to as "lighting" in some cases.

Content of condition edit ]

Concerning degrees of freedom (possibility of expanding opportunities to acquire medals)

                    Magic screen

Magic Screen is one of the things that IC Bingo has to offer. This is a device that transforms a bingo card that originally has only a "line" into a completely different card by moving a prepared panel. Mechanically, metal plates are joined together on a long surface so as to be bent, placed in front of a board expressing a bingo card, and slid by a motor. Normally, when expressing the original position as ○ here,


As shown in the figure, widths of two rows on the left and seven columns on the right are prepared. Why the left side is OK seems to originate from the OK game described later.

Actually, unless there are any conditions, ordinary bingo cards with only 12 breadcrumbs in length and breadth are obtained by obtaining the conditions of the magic screen, so that an area of ​​"roman" type "h" and a "concave" of kanji A type area appears, and colors other than the basic three colors may appear (orange and blue). In the area, it is possible to regard the parts connected in vertical and horizontal directions as the same, so even if the balls are not lined up, it is possible to lead medals. In addition, special conditions are often applied to each area of ​​orange and blue. These areas are sometimes referred to as "sections" in IC bingo.

Magic screen and condition

Since Magic Screen naturally works advantageously for players, its operation is often limited. Basically it is BEFORE 4th (screen operation is possible before launching the fourth ball) condition, but by inserting a medal and receiving a lottery, BEFORE 5th (before launching the fifth ball) and AFTER 5th (Even after finishing the fifth ball) can also be obtained (although there may be cases where preferential rights also come (to light up) together when the right to move the magic screen occurs) ). However, even though the 5 th condition did not turn on, the red or yellow ★ may be lit up as the ROLLOVER LIT condition. These are the yellow ★ and the BEFORE 5th Is a condition to be upgraded to AFTER 5th with red ★ (in the case where yellow ★ is lit at the time of launching the 5th ball as a matter of course, it goes off because there is no point in going through).

On the score (the amount of medals that can be earned)

                    Basic Dividend

First, the basis of dividends is determined by color. Every time medals are inserted, a lottery is made and it is decided somewhere out of 10 stages. It is a feature that the conditions of dividends once decided will never go down. The minimum is 4 in 4 rows, the highest is 600 in 600 rows. In addition, this payout is determined to be different according to the number of side by side, and 3 numbers, 4 rows, 5 rows (perfect) are always presented. If it says "16, 50, 96" from the bottom at the position of the lit lamp, you can earn 96 medals in 3 rows, 16 rows, 4 rows in 50 rows, and 5 rows (perfect) It means that you can do it.

Also, with regard to color, since one highest payout is given to a line (or section entered) lined up, even if three rows in two places are completed in a green line, for example, Only three and one are to become.

                    Case where the dividend changes


                                Super section

When the magic screen lights up to D, it may light up as a condition together. There is a super section of yellow and red, yellow is yellow vertical stripe of black (though relation with Hanshin Tigers does not seem especially), red is represented by red vertical stripe of white. If the condition of the super section is not lit up, these sections are treated as just a color section, but if it lights up, add 1 ball to the actual number of balls in each area You can obtain advantageous conditions of handling (even if you put five balls, the dividend is five rows).


                                Blue section

When the magic screen lights up to F, the condition of the blue section may be lit. The blue section basically consists of three numbers (4 depending on the model), and by placing two or three in the section, the benefits such as being considered the same as the green 5 row (perfect) at that point (Because it will be a green score, medals will not be acquired even if you put three balls in another green line or section). Depending on the model, it is not a green score but is set separately in the form of 100 sheets or 200 sheets (In this case, it is possible to acquire the number of green if separately arranged in green).

In addition to this, "If the first ball not returning is put in ○ ○, green will be upgraded to the highest stage" "If you put the first ball not returning in ○ ○, EXTRA BALL There are cases where special conditions such as playing 1 ball (that is, playing 6 games at no charge for this game) "are set by the model (Naturally, it is the minimum condition to light up).


                                Orange section

When "OK" on the magic screen lights up, the condition of "3 OR MORE IN ORANGE SECTION SCORE AS GREEN" may be lit. At this time, by placing three or more balls in the orange section, you can acquire a green score corresponding to the number of balls. However, when you count the score, if you push the count button too long, it will start counting directly and start the direct ok game (see below), so you have to be careful.

                    Cases where further opportunities can be expected


                                OK game

If the magic screen is lit "OK", moving the screen to the left will cause an orange section to appear. By putting two or more balls in this orange section, you can gain the right to challenge another new game called "Ok Game" after the main game ends. However, in order to start the OK game, "It is necessary to finish counting the scores acquired in the game" and "Push the count button slightly longer".

In the OK game, conditions are predetermined in advance, and it is often decided in accordance with the green scoring conditions in general. The same condition is presented for most models until the green score goes to the third stage (3 lines and less than 8 lines), but at the fourth level (3 lines, 16 or more), it will be different depending on the stage Conditions are presented and games with Super Sections, Blue Sections lit, games with significantly higher scores and good conditions may be prepared.

In addition, in the OK game, although it gains the right of OK game with one ball in addition to lighting with a small number of medals, it can not be said that it is a good condition for flattering, so to speak, "BEGINNERS OK" for beginners, Although it does not do, there are also some models equipped with "SUPER OK" which will present significantly better conditions if turned on.

Even in the OK game, the other rules are the same as regular games. In other words, it means that "OK" will not be lit unless a further BET is made.

"OK" means that "a condition that allows you to play free additional games (unless you do a BET to raise the condition further) free of charge".

Extra ball edit ]

Extra ball (EXTRA BALL) is an additional ball like the letter you read. In addition to the five balls used in the base game, it is a ball that is paid out when winning by betting and receiving a lottery. The maximum number of extra balls that can be used in one game is up to three balls.

Balls are made by pressing the yellow button after confirming the 5th ball of the extra ball (if there is no medal in the credit, it is necessary to insert a medal thereafter). When receiving an extra ball lottery, "EXTRA BALL" at the bottom of the condition display surface lights up. When inserting medals by mistake when "EXTRA BALL" is not lit up, it is regarded as BET to the next game and a new game starts, so especially when trying to challenge EXTRA which becomes a large payout at completion Attention is necessary.

One ball display is divided into three sections in the wind such as "1st" "Extra" "Ball" "2nd" "Extra" "Ball" "3rd" "Extra" "Ball" If all three are lit up, you can not get an extra ball.

Because of its personality, extra balls are often in a state where a high payout can be obtained with one ball yet, even if a lottery is carried out, there are many times that they do not win easily, so whether to accept a lottery by judging the situation I need to think carefully.

Techniques and precautions on playing IC bingo Edit ]

Shake the platform

The IC bingo has an appearance like a pinball and the action of striking a ball with a plunger is the pinball as it is, so it not only looks at the ball that has been launched but also controls the ball by rocking the table In this way, it is important to take the technology to a location advantageous to himself.

However, as for the act of shaking, as with the pinball, do not forget to back-to-back with the danger of becoming TILT (tilt). In the case of TILT, the currently playing game becomes invalid, and even if there are remaining balls, it becomes meaningless.

By shaking it is avoided to put the ball in a number that you do not want to put and guiding the ball to a place that you are aiming for, where you can get more medals is an act that follows the laws of physics, and TILT Unless declared, it is a legitimate act. Therefore, in IC bingo, it is a fact that this technology says things (it is exactly the part due to this part that big medals can be acquired with your own ability).

Examining conditions

Each time IC Bingo enters a medal and BETs, it draws a lot as to whether the condition goes up or not and displays the result on the board immediately. In general, when the score goes up, conditions such as the screen gets worse, and when the condition of the screen etc. goes up, the score is bad, but if you keep on betting medals, the condition goes up together to a certain extent .

                    Depending on the model, however, there are things that have three types of buttons that draw only conditions (green), perform points only (lottery) (blue), (regular) draw conditions and points (red) (ATRANTIS / QUEEN OF THE KNIGHT / REBECCA).

However, since this condition does not depend on the number of BETs (if you are lucky you can get the score going up by 2 pieces sometimes), the number of currently being inserted, the condition being presented, and your ability So you have to start the game (you can not BET at the time you hit the first ball). The "bargaining" essential for gambling comes to surface in this part in IC Bingo.

The mechanism by which the conditions are drawn by BET is similarly used in Sega's " WORLD BINGO ", " BINGO CIRCUS, PLANET, PARADE, GALAXY " in other bingo game machines, and in 2004, the pusher This mechanism is also adopted for condition drawing in "capsule challenge" of machine " Gachamanbo! (And" Cactus carnival "of sequel) ".

It will not be fixed until it counts!

In the IC bingo, when it becomes possible to acquire a medal by the game result, it is possible to count from the time when you finished hitting the third ball (state where the fourth ball is on the plunger). Acquiring in the game which did not count without TILT or putting medals of the next game by mistake without counting (many in beginners), medals that can be acquired will disappear, so there is no acquisition Even if it seems, pushing the count button for the moment is also important to prevent mistakes.

Also, careful attention should be paid to this operation as the OK game starts when the count button is pressed "slightly longer" after counting all the medals obtainable in the game.

Major models and features by model Edit ]


                    ATRANTIS (BET button is 3 colors)


                    CHEROKEE ROSE ("4 ​​corners" (high prize when balls are put in 4 corners of the board surface) Condition available)

                    ELDORADO ("4 corners" (high prize when balls are put in 4 corners of the board surface) Condition available)


                    LADY X (the score condition of the blue section is not green but fixed point number)

                    MOON LIGHT

                    PASTEL SHOWER

                    PIN-UP GIRLS

                    QUEEN OF THE KNIGHT (BET button is 3 colors)

                    REBECCA (BET button is 3 colors)

In addition, "CRT Bingo" which expresses bingo cards and magic screens with monitors is also being produced. White and blue chassis color became, sound effect became FM sound sourcerather than PSG .


                    SEA ISLAND '89