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Well I have never been lucky enough to get to one of these York Shows out in Philadelphia nor have I had the pleasure of meeting Josh Kaplan (Pingeek) or Jeffery Lawton (Mr. Bingo) but I have a feeling they make it to all of these expos and Josh is cool enough to being a video camera and record the event and capture whatever The Doctor is willing to share.






The Pinball Show, Volume 1:

 Flippin' Out At The York Show

The 9th Annual York Show

Friday, October 7th - Saturday, October 8th, 2005

York, PA Fairgrounds



This dvd begins with coverage on Thursday's set up day, which is not open to the public.  Friday and Saturday coverage is provided as well.  See pins of all kinds in action, many with interviews from the owners themselves.  From Flying Circus to Nascar, there's something for everyone! Pingeek kept the camera rolling even after the show was over, and interviewed Pistol Pete, owner of the prototype Elvira Scared Stiff pin.  Pete shows off the features of this one of a kind pin, and shares some interesting trivia, that you will only hear about if you buy this dvd.  For you bingo fans, see Jeff Lawton (Mr. Bingo) show how a Bally Night Club bingo works.  Other rarities include Bug's Bunny's Birthday Ball and a brand new Nascar pin.





I don’t know what link I found this detail on, but it looks as though the Pingeek is selling some of his videos!


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