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It doesn’t look like any bingos were at this show, but I wanted to share this one anyway because of the articles author, which likely attests to the bingos having been in the bars in Spain at some time _ Makes we wonder if they still are today. We know they are building their own machines now and importing some from Belgium, so there is a good probability that the market is the “bar market” and that these games can be easily found!




















An article from Pinball News Magazine


(F.E.R. Interazar 2003)

Inderman from Pinball Hispano reports from Madrid, Spain.

On the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of October the Spanish Recreational Fair (FER Interazar) for 2003 took place in the IFEMA in Madrid, Spain. The main manufacturers and companies related to recreation in Spain, as well as some representatives of foreign companies with a presence in the country were booked to appear.

As you might imagine, gaming machines dominated the fair. A multitude of stands featured smiling, attractive young ladies (in most cases without much knowledge of some of products made by the companies which they represented) contributed to give the event an extra visual interest, while they showed the latest new features of the Spanish games industry. Dealers made an effort to communicate the excellence of products of their company, the great benefits to the buyer and the success that will surely come if they were to invest in such-and-such machine. In short; a fair.

Throughout the fair you could find prize machines ready for the occasional visitor who wanted to stop and play them. The games did not cost any money but they did not pay any prizes either. Even so it was interesting to play, for example, the remake of 'Escalera-Tobogan', the game machine with which Recreativos Franco gained much popularity (not to mention money) but was made by another company, probably after acquiring the license. Or to have sensations similar to the game of pinball on one of the bingo machines that made us enter a bar or hall game so many times, thinking that there was pinball waiting for us, only to discover that the device did not have flippers. Or simply to kill the time playing some of the classic slot machines.










~ I also wanted to post this to highlight another one of the gaming shows for those who are compiling a list ~