Bingo Pinballs

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Mr. Russ Jensen knew the games and cared very much about the Bingos and the Industry!!




















By Russ Jensen




The final game in the chronology of early pingames was Bally's DUDE RANCH. This was, by the way, the only pingame of the 'fifties' ever to be offered at any of the Fun Fairs. This machine was one of the special type of pinball games commonly referred to as "in-line" or "bingo" machines, the primary object of the game being to light three to five numbers in a line on a simulated bingo card(s) on the backglass.


The bingo pinball was the successor to the one-ball horserace pingames previously described. They were developed due to restrictive legislation that made legal one-ball distribution and sales almost impossible. During the mid 'fifties' these machines were quite popular in many areas of the country, but additional legal action since that time has virtually eliminated bingo pinball from the land.


DUDE RANCH was typical of the bingo machines of the mid-fifties' and was in very good condition. Unfortunately, this machine had suffered damage to its electrical cord during shipment and could not be operated, thus depriving potential customers of the opportunity to play one of these fascinating games.


This concludes the description of the variety of early pingames offered at the 1982 Fun Fair. It is hoped that the trend of increased pingame availability at future coin-op collectibles shows will continue, thus acquainting more collectors with "the wonderful world of collectible pinballs"