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Today I noticed that I have made a couple of pages for this Show, and although true,

I wanted to go ahead and leave this one posted too. Here we may have a higher

resolution picture and below is a nice write-up from our good-friend Aeneas`


Mechelen 2010 – Belgium Gaming Show


Comments from Aeneas:


Collector Fantasies, the biggest jukebox and collectibles show of Belgium was held on February 13 and 14, 2010. It was an interesting show, with a

lot of booths. I got the impression there was more for sale (more booths) than the previous years. Not sure about the number of visitors, about

the same as before I think.. but the fact that it was Valentines day and there was a lot of snow, probably kept some people home.


The show has a nice mix of jukeboxes and vintage machines (slotmachines, skillmachines, ..), pinball machines, arcade games, and other collectibles

like Coca-Cola, movie posters, and other vintage memoriabilia. There really is something interesting for everyone.