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Created on 07-22-2019



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I am pretty sure that the only mistake in Jeff’s first book “Bally Bingo Pinball Machines” is where he mentions that the

“Spot Em” he shows on the first page of his “Ohio Dime” pages is “likely a Fun Spot with an NOS backglass and the

error is slight, where this style of the Bally “Circus Theme” bingos almost has to be a Lotta Fun or a Fun Way!


I say that because Lotta Fun and Fun Way both have the same backglass, except for game name:



 The other thing that differentiated the bingos was Lotta Fun having a “red replay button” on the front of the coindoor,

like this Lady below _ The silverfish button in the center of the door, “circled” in red.




 So bottom line: This “Having Fun” is one of the “Ohio Dime Games” that Bally produced from 1954 through 1959 to

capture the Ohio bingo market. Ohio’s bingo restrictions outlawed all bingos that had replay meters in them. The

apparent feeling was that they were too easy to convert into gambling machines _ Laugh!


~ Although the game name changes, I’ve never seen any of these that didn’t have that same playing field ~


~ What I like about these is the Carnival-Look most all of them had, its easy to picture these in any arcade! ~


Keith Found Spin


Keith spotted another one of these _ “Where there’s two??”


…and deifintely the same moake-over with the green and yellow awning extended down into the new name.


It’s interesting that you very seldom see any of these bingos with the original Bally name. It’s almost like they

still weren’t accepted even though Bally did their best to play down the “gambling” machine angle _ Likely

their being moved about from state-to-state also played in many of them being renamed _ Hmmm!!