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To Me

Jul 10, 2012


Hi Danny.


You know how I like to send you pictures of big wins when I hit one. Well this is the other end. Check this out. How the hell does that happen.


I had all the lines lit but the first three balls were the 24 - 4 - 9. I had pumped a bunch of quarters in it so I had the white line odds pretty high so after the first three balls I just left the numbers in place. Of course the next number to fall was the 11. Too late to move the magic lines though.


The fifth ball was the 2. So now a 10 hits me four in a line on yellow and three in a line on white. That's a big win so I just started feeding it for the extra ball. As you can see I got them all but it didn't help.


This game is set up to take quarters. All the coins I fed it to get the game and then all the coins she sucked up to give me the extra ballls. I'd say that's a fifty dollar game of pinball right there.


<Thank god I can just turn the key and get my money back! What would've I told my wife?>


Hope all is well out your way. I got a bunch of serial numbers I can collect up and send out your way if you're still doing that.


Take care.






I loved this one …Thank you Keith`













…the Bingos`