This page was created on 08-17-2014



 Now one of our good-friends sent me this photo and named it 5 in a Color`


Smile, I really like that, and it is, but unfortunately the machines doesn’t see it like that`




…and this is a really great example of In-Line vs. Section scoring`


On this screen, the Stripped Gold is a Section, and that means any of those numbers in any combination ~ Count`

 Hence, the  text “2-in-Strpped Gold” for a win on the Golden Game` …any two numbers`


But these five lit numbers above are on lines` …Red lines`


…and so they pay Red Odds and here they pay separately, because they have to be in “straight” lines`


So, this win is really for two 3-in-Lines that scores 138`


Not bad`






…a bit more time and/or one more screen, he would have won one of the Golden Games`






 Still a very very Cool Win`



Thank you Doug