Created on 09-03-2014





Although very very small, this Miss America 75’ photo is pretty interesting!!


“There are 8 numbers lit on each of those two cards on this Bingo”


So for sure, the player had “at least two Extra Balls and used them”


Now check out the playfield:


There is a ball in the #2, #4, #7, #11, #14, #19, and #20 for 7-total balls??


Now the #1 is also lit on both cards?? _ Now how did that get lit??


It’s not the Rollovers _ This isn’t a Magic Pockets game!!


I’d say something is wrong with this Bingo??


The player has the Extra Card Score When Lit enabled, Yellow Line Regular Winner, ABC Lines buttons Magic Lines, what looks like all the Extra Balls, and Yellow Advance Scores up in the 96 block – I’d love to see that replay meter on this one……… 4-Digits and for sure 3 appear to be populated.