Created on 09-03-2014




 Spotted this one on Craigslist here in 2014 and it is somewhat interesting:


Looks like the player hit the “Red Rollerover” spotting the #10, giving them 6 balls total. They also had the “Turn Knobs Before 5th Ball” enabled.


But, this bingo, which was the first with mechanical movement of the numbers was a bit odd. The “Magic Lines” feature is enabled which allows movement of the numbers (the first three lines only, depending on “if” they are enabled “ laugh) and the “”Turn Knobs” that “allows late movement” of the lines – But even though you had this capability, you still could only move the numbers “one direction or the other – up/down” if that feature was enabled – Crazy, but still Cool – Check out the blocks over/under the 3 moving lines!


Having these features enabled (even for only the first line in this case) likely let the player move the #10 up for the “4-in-Line” – Remember, the numbers wrapped as needed!!






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