Bingo Pinballs

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_ My Buddy Jerry definitely gets the most out of his Circus Queen _


~ 5-in-Line win in Red Color Lines with the Red Advancing Odds pegged at 600 ~




Awesome Win!! and “Spit’s” been there before _ That bingo pinball is a hopper game out of Laughlin Nevada!!


~ In fact: This bingo was a gift from Tom Laughlin himself _ Jerry’s been playing for years and is a True Binger ~



From: jerry kaczmarek <spittenjerry@>
To: bingopinballs@
Sent: Saturday, March 30, 2013 5:26 PM
Subject: hitting the progressive


danny, i think you knew but ill refresh your memory, to hit the progressive jackpots you would have to hit 3 in the blue with the magic screen all the way to the g and the odds in the green at 120,thats 16,13,21.....your pal again spitter