Created on 08-10-2020



Ok, there are a couple odd things about these Ė Keeney Lite-a-Line Scoring`




First the hole layout isnít top-to-bottom like the other Bingos`


Next the ABC Holes graduate differently down the length of the field too and are not Exit Holes like the other Bingos`




Any 3 In-Line = 4


A-B-C-D-E-F for each Section Played = 4


Four Corners = 40


X Double Diagonal = 160


This Bingo has a couple problems, Card 4 is no-op and Card 5 isnít 100% working,

but still this game lights up and plays real pretty and there are (2) wins here`


Card 1 and Card 6


Both have 3-in-Line Wins







X Double Diagonal is exactly that ~ (5) numbers on any card in an X


Section Scoring A,B,C on the top row -or- D,E,F on the bottom row




These are just a great Bingo








Thanks Buddy,


Yes, I will come over and fix your machine, smile`