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In 2010 I wrote: “The origin of that top photo is unknown, but that is a Bally bingo pinball and with the guys dressed in

shirt-and-ties like that, I wondered if this was a picture was taken at one of the many Bally Training Schools.”


Then I realized that was a 1969 Venice bingo pinball and that meant that the timing was a bit off`


That, it meant that this photo really is a mystery`



Smile, well I kind of figured that this would crop up again`


…and it has, this photo was recently posted on Bingo Butch’s facebook page and the guys were suggesting that it might be part of the

Design Team at Bally – That in fact, that that might be Don Hooker himself – Wow, wouldn’t that be Cool – Very Very Cool`


…maybe that is Bernie`





Anyway: Along with the photo, on my original 2010 page I also posted these resources to help frame the timing`


bally service school





BB 1953





BB 1954




BB Nov 19th, 1955




BB Oct 22nd, 1955




BB Dec 8th, 1956




_ From 53’ to 56’ Bally was conducting numerous classes all across the Nation. After 56, these classes seemed to dry right up! _


If you look back through the evolution of games, these are the years Bally moved to the first mechanical movements in the

Main Card, their Magic Lines and Magic Squares bingos – etc, and started their seemingly-endless introduction of new games.


The Magic Screen games appeared in 58’ and other than the new movement, they were basically the same Internals, so…


I wonder if the reduction in Training Seminars was due to the technology changing or due to the games starting to be outlawed`


Maybe both – Hmmm`




BB Jan 5th, 1959




BB Feb 6th, 1961


Not surprisingly, the classes were located in the areas we still see many of the bingos going for sale today: Evansville and Wilkes Barre _ South Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Seattle – etc – The Distribution Centers – For the West Coast, the Port Cities.


~ As we all know, the bingos are complicated devices! ~


~ United was right-on-board with training classes of their own! ~



BB Oct 24th, 1953




BB Nov 14th, 1953




Follow-up 2020`

Federico Croci

Bally/United Bingo Pinball by Bingo Butch

· September 15, 2019 ·


Hello bingo fans!

Years ago I bought this photo, at Pinball Expo in Chicago. They looks like Bally engineers working on a proto machine. Always wondered who they could be...?
(sorry for the bad picture, just took a snapshot of the original print with my phone)


Thanks Federico - Pretty Cool Brother`













…one step closer`