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The rollover was adopted into the bingo world in 1952 on the single-card Palm Beach and as you’ll see below, they were left unlabeled on this trial run. It’s too bad too, because this adaptation was likely the best of them all where you could “spot up to 5 numbers by skill” – The skill being your ability to get one or more balls down past all of those top holes and then defy gravity long enough to trigger one of the rollovers more than once, which is tough – Still worth trying for though and gives weight to the name Skillpins. As you know, you really only have the lower and side springs rails and the two near-by spring clips guarding the light-shields to aide you is this simple feat.


Keywest “Roll Over”

On the Magic Square games like Bally’s Key West, the rollovers both extended your playtime by awarding

you another chance to move numbers around, a feature usually disabled by the 3rd ball


Beach Time “Roll Over”


Variety “Roll Over”

On Variety the Yellow Rollover Spots 25 and on this two Super Card bingo, these were the

center numbers on those small nine-spot cards and all wins, regardless of card, paid out.


Showtime “Roll Over”


Ice Frolics “Roll Overs”

The Rollovers on this 1953 Bally were “coolly” decorated snowflakes!


Hi-Fi “Roll Overs”

A number of the Rollovers awarded the smaller up-top holes (numbers) and didn’t buy you much, like on this single-card Hi-Fi that didn’t have moving lines or numbers, and none of the numbers were on the Super Cards. But free-is-free and with machines Bump feature where you could dislodge balls and move them side-to-side, they could help your game – On my Hi-Fi 2 was a good number for me!



Golden Six “Roll Overs”

Wimi’s Golden Six is typical of the 6-Card Rollovers that commonly awarded the Corners feature

and Super Lines features for all cards, which could save you some decent coin.


Golden Gate “Roll Overs”


Georgia Gold “Roll Overs”


Magic Numbers “Roll Overs”


Double-Up “Roll Overs”


Cypress Garden “Roll Overs”

Again the smaller up-top numbers, but on this Magic Squares game the numbers weren’t

fixed to the outside rows of the bingo card and not bad extras to have given to you for free


CanCan “Roll Overs”


Bounty “Roll Overs”


Big Wheel “Roll Overs”

On Big Wheel you also wanted “Extended Play” so you could continue to rotate the wheel

and to do so, you climbed up a ladder of Yellow Arrows to trigger each additional feature.


Big Time “Roll Over”


Bonus 7 “Roll Overs”


Dude Ranch “Roll Overs”

8 & 23 on Bally’s Dude Ranch helped you out on the Second Card a little more than you

would think, once you tossed in the nominally lit holes and the Select-a-Number option


Malibu Beach “Roll Over”


Orient “Roll Overs”


Palm Beach “Roll Overs”

~ Should have made these beach balls or something – Anything ~


Silver Sails “Roll Overs”


Pixies “Roll Overs”

Pixies showed United’s “double-duty” Rollover function, including their Pennant feature real well, where they

gave you the next letter in the Name Game and secondarily, acted as a Spot feature, lighting couple of numbers


Rio “Roll Overs”

On Rio the Light-a-Name feature was pretty simple other than being all bottom-field actions. The two

Rollovers and the Ball Return hole got you there and with three Extra Balls, this was doable…….








Looks like I forgot United’s Horseshoe Features- Maybe a few more!


I also do not talk about which Rollovers are always active and which are activated my coin-play!















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