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2015 – Jay from the IPDB was kind enough to provide an update on their activity:


·         Jay St@fford


·         Dec 15, 2014

I made this page years ago and lost it, it never got posted, but recently the IPDB reached out over these Rodeo games and I was lucky enough to recover this!!


Two different United Rodeo Bingos??


Awesome!! _ Well I sure was excited when Phil posted some detail on these _ I find nothing that gets me more curious than a good Mystery,


So how do you date the updateable??


Well when it comes to the bingos you can try to use the features and serial numbers and hopefully,


If you have enough detail, you can get close and make a pretty good guess!!


Unfortunately, most of bingo history was lost before any of us got a chance to document it _ The guys (Russ and Dick – etc) tried to capture a lot of this, but their focus was really on the regular pinballs _ So “we, the bingo nuts” are kind of left hanging……


One of the things I like about the United games, is that they made quit a few changes to their playfields, for the most part Bally only changed-up the number of holes where United made some huge changes over the years……



 _ Photos courtesy of Pat Shanahan _


So let’s go ahead and start there:



1) Left bottom the Serial Number 1003 _ Awesome!



2) One Top Arch Post



3) Two Ball Return Stops



4) Hard Side Rails



5) Four Rollovers _ Awesome!!



6) Right bottom the “Licensed Under”_We need that detail…..



So, 2,3,4,5 are going to give us the best help dating this bingo……


The Serial Number is really cool, because it means that this was “Machine 3” and just maybe means that this was a proto-type run that had “limited or no release”


In December last (2013) Dennis Dodel sent the IPDB some pictures of his 1-Card and it’s Serial Number is 1003 _ Cha Ching!!


So this Bingo looks a Hell of a lot like Bally’s 1952 Palm Beach _ Basically “another clue” and a potential starting point……



1951 United Zingo

Wide Hard Side Rails _ 4 Top Posts _ 2 Ball Stops _ Top Right 2 Post Bumber


1951 United Leader

Wide Hard Side Rails _ 4 Top Posts _ 2 Ball Stops _ Top Right 2 Post Bumber


1952 United Showboat

Wide Hard Side Rails _ 2 Top Posts _ 1 Ball Stop _ Top Right Long Spring


1952 United Stars

Slanted Hard Side Rails _ 1 Top Post _ 1 Ball Stop _ Top Right 2 Post Bumber


1952 United Circus

Slanted Hard Side Rails _ 1 Top Post _ 2 Ball Stops _ Top Right 2 Post Bumber


1953 United Cabana

Wide Hard Side Rails _ 4 Top Posts _ 1 Ball Stop _ Top Right Long Spring


1953 United Rodeo _ 3-Card

Wide Hard Side Rails _ 4 Top Posts _ 1 Ball Stop _ Top Right Long Spring


1954 United Rio

Wide Hard Side Rails _ 2 Top Posts _ 1 Ball Stop _ Top Right Long Spring





XXXX United Rodeo _ 1-Card

Wide Hard Side Rails _ 2 Top Posts _ 1 Ball Stop _ Top Right 2 Post Bumber



Now Cabana lagged behind (was released) 6 months behind Bally’s Palm Beach……


Now Rio introduced United’s first really wild and truly unique Game Feature _ “Spell Name” which I am pretty sure was kicked off on the United Bingos……


Well, what does all of that mean…. Laugh,


Based only upon those features: It’s my guess that this Bingo was designed somewhere in 1952 _ Perhaps somewhere between Showboat and Stars…..


_ I guess now it’s time to toss in the Rollover-Twist, that the 1-Card Rodeo has an Amazing (4) Rollovers _








Rollovers _ None




Rollovers _ None




Rollovers _ None




Rollovers _ None




Rollovers _ None




Rollovers _ Spot the 2,5,8



Rodeo _ 3-Card

Rollovers _ None




Rollovers _ Spot the 2,5,8







All of the 1953s and below:

None of them has (4) Rollovers







All of the 1954s had Spell Name themes

None of them has (4) Rollovers







After 53’ _ A Wide Mix


_ Photo courtesy of Pat Shanahan _



I totally Love this stuff _ Laugh,



_ This is “the only Bingo with (4) Rollovers” _ Very Very Cool _


My Best Guess _ 1952!!



…..and the precursor to United’s “doubling up” on the rollover function……


Go take a look _ In 54’ the rollovers were “two-only” like Bally, but were then assigned “two-purposes”……


Both “Spell Name” and “Spot em” assignments…..


Which is much more practically from an engineering stand-point…….





OK, let’s even look closer at this!!










Now did this United 1-Card fall between Stars and Rio??


Did the 3-Card, which the IPDB lists as February 1953 _ Where did they get that??


Well “Let’s check the Rodeo Flyers” _ Oooops! “There aren’t any!!”


Rodeo 3-Card _ No Rollovers – Rodeo 1-Card 4 Rollovers





Ok: “No Flyers for either game, one machine basically a copy of a 1952 Bally, 2 machines, the 3-Card the older graphics and backglass card format, one with rollovers – one not, the one with rollovers the only Bingo with 4, all of the 1953 United rollovers are spell name related, all of the 53 and after Uniteds have Super Cards, the 3-Card almost the same backglass as Stars, the ball stops and upper springs and bumpers around the 7 Hole are a combo of Stars and Rio, the 1-Card the only United with 4 buttons on the front cabinet,….



…...and “neither Bingo is on any of the lists that Russ or Dick left to us helping to identify these games!!”


……and to top-it-off: “1953 the only year United released 3-or-less Bingos”


…….and to top-it-off: “neither of these games were ever listed in Billboard Magazine” _ In other words, these are “the only two bingos never listed for sale”……





~ All Very Interesting ~


My Guess: These two United Rodeo Bingos are “Very likely late 1952 and early 1953 machines that fell in some sort of crack _ I bet there are only a handful of either of them!!”




















Bingo Pinballs Rock!!