Bingo Pinballs

Created on 7-04-2010 _ Last update 11-01-2016


~ Rocket Game 3 is on the left in this first picture and is an altered Fun Way ~



The upper cabinet (backbox) has been repainted , but the lower cabinet still has the Roller-Coaster-Theme




Overall we can tell by the position of the Rocket Scores, Rocket Ship which is also a scoring indicator, the Circus

Style playfield, and that he’s doesn’t have the Super Lines features – The Earth looks like it is position to show the

Tilt Indicator in the yellow cloud area and the only thing we cannot see is the cabinet door to determine if he might

be a 1959 Bally Lotta-Fun with a Red Button to denote it has the replay feature and that is why I am guessing

Fun Way – If the lawman were savvy enough to hunt for details, a Replay Button would have been a no-no.




































~ Bingo-Style Pinballs ~