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~ One more item to share from Roger Morden _ Seattle’s Richard Gerlitz has finally got on-line _ Yahoo!! ~


I can’t seem to get his website to load and/or work correctly with Microsoft Internet Explorer, but through MIE I did get the initial email response from him. Using Firefox, I see everything work correctly (the video – etc) but I cannot get the initial emails to work, laugh, and no matter how many Browsers I try!


I cannot get his pages to send me the “Top 10 Problem” link???


I sent him a snail-mail to let him know how he is fairing out here on the net…… And to get the Top 10, which I will post with his other free stuff, as soon as in-hand.


I haven’t spoken to Richard in years, but we were in close contact for a while and he is a very very nice man and very knowledgeable……… Since I have signed up on his website (about a week ago) I have received one “free” video on “How to adjust the Search Disks” _ So logging in seems to have its perks………….










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