Bingo Pinballs

Created on 04-16-2014

_ The title of this email was “Replay Counter” but I will need to watch these videos to know which Bingo! _

……I might be getting old, laugh……

Keith Nickalo

To Me

Oct 15, 2011


Hi Danny.


Finally uploaded that video here.

As you can see, it was having problems counting down. I was just wondering if anybody knew of a procedure to set the springs on the escapement.

I don't think there is one and even if there was it would be useless now anyway since the springs are so old and worn. There probably was a way to set a new one but now that they are worn in and different people have been pickling with them, it just wouldn't work now.

The run down on the escapement....
The spring on the center post is what turns it when it's counting down. The spring that spans the two actuating levers is what is stepping it up

The coil kind of like cocks it but the spring is what actually moves the gear. So the coil fires and pulls the lever back one notch on the gear and then powers off/ The spring then moves the gear that one notch. The problem I was having is that if I tightened the return spring enough to keep it counting down, the step up spring didn't have enough tension to move it up. If I added more tension to the step up spring, then the coil didn't have enough strength to cock it when it fired.

Turned out to be a problem in the switch that activates the step up coil. I cleaned it and adjusted it so there was a little more dwell when it was closed. That seemed to give the coil enough power to cock it back while the spring was strong enough to move it forward.

I don't know if any of that makes any sense. I know what I mean but it's hard to describe.

It seems like I got working now though. Not 100 percent but about 99 anyway.

One of the neat things about Lotta Fun  (or Fun Way in this case) is that it has two sets of five search relays. One for each search disk.

This Fun Way has been fairly well modified but it's still fun to play.

They made it so you don't need to add a coin to play off a replay. It plays all six cards for one coin. They also added a button to reset the timer manually so that the game will score. At least that is what I think they've done. I never got to see one come off the factory line so I don't really know what's suppose to be in there.

I posted some pictures to a URL google gave me. If you would like to look....

Alright...back down to the lab.