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As I keep stressing: BillBoard Magazine is a Treasure Trove for Coinop History and here is a very nice surprise I found today, kind of hidden in one source:


Once a month or so, in Billboard’s Index Section they included a list of “Advertised Used Coin Machine Prices” and in the 50s it primarily covered the pinballs including the Bingo Machines _ The market for these games was big, firms selling and distributing new and old games, and this Price List seems to have been pretty accurate _ I bounced around a bit and the pricing in the various pinballs ads (also a big part of Billboard) tracked these price ranges for the most part.





Today I was reading through a few of these lists, concentrating on the game-names, to see if I could spot any bingos we have never seen before and it hit me: I didn’t know what the “numbers in parenthesis” next to the game-names are??


“Atlantic City (5/52)” _ Well, dah! _ They are the release dates for the bingos: May 52’ – etc!!


~ Now take a look at Bally’s Bright Spot _ (11/51) _ November 1951’ ~


Cha Ching! _ Pretty much what I recently guessed: Bright Spot was one on the 1st four bingos and a 51’ game.




~ Not game #7 as Mr. Jensen lists lead us to believe! ~




When time allows, I’ll go back through a few of these Indexes and recalibrate our baseline!




~ Stay Tuned ~








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