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OK, a long long time ago in a galaxy far away I was bugging everyone about the Reflex Units _ I very much suspected that we did not know the whole story!!


It only seems logical that the designers would make some sort of provision for this assembly to allow owner/operators to change-up the earning levels

on these games _ What easier spot in the bingo circuitry than this, to change the earning percentages _ So the questions still remain: What options

did Bally provide and what other options are available that we can devise based upon our knowledge of these games _ Hmmm:


Well here is one possible list based upon my best guess:


#1) Changing the gear-ratios _ Involved yes, but certainly doable!!

#2) Having a select–switch to change the wiring to the module (sounds like a United solution)

#3) Changing the wiring to the module through rewiring it directly at the module _ Involved yes, but certainly doable!!

#4) Changing the wiring to the module by have an external off-set (something like the Jones-Plugs)

#5) Completely disconnecting the thing so it has no constraint over the bingo (sounds like a solution I might try _ laugh)


Anyhoo _ As we continue to look at this let’s check out Option #4 and this 2003 feedback from Jeffery Lawton (Dr. Bingo)


Response from Jeff


On each Bingo game there is some sort of reflex option plug where the reflex leads can be shut off depending on the plug position.  Look at your Golden Gate (or any later screen game) schematic and you will see this plug displayed.  This plug is what Don was referring to.


The Green Book is actually the shop manual for the Bally Safari.  It is valuable to collectors because it shows almost every aspect of the game in "dis-assembly mode" where each part is exposed and labeled with dotted lines showing where it is supposed to be placed.  If you don't have this manual I can send you a copy.






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From: Danny

To: Jeffrey Lawton

Sent: Saturday, April 26, 2003 8:01 AM

Subject: Bingo Questions Please:


Hello Jeff, hope this finds you well...........


Hey! I was listening to the tape you sent me and they reference how the operators / owners could adjust the odds from 60-to-90% on the reflex units so the machines would payout more or less...........


Do you have an owners / operators manual that tells how to make these settings? If not is this one of the many things you have figured out in all your times in the back of these bad boys :)


I am holding a reflex unit in my hand now and at first glance nothing pops up as obvious


I have also heard of an upper-level Bally manual called the Green Book, do you have one of these? Have you ever heard of one of these? Was this a Bingo Bible full of secrets about the machines?


Thank you Sir,






Coordinates I,23 on the Golden Gate



I will ask Mr. Steve Smith (Who has a GG) to try and locate this “Reflex adj plug) physically and provide some pics _ Smile!!


Stay Tuned!!





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