Bingo Pinballs

Created on 8-03-2010 _ Last update 9-05-2016


While searching around some links in France in 2010, I stumbled across this previously unseen Bingo Pinball


……Montecarlo Rallye……




I tried to search (not very hard) for something on this and literally got stumped – It’s like it doesn’t exist!


……Here is the sales advertisement that was posted with it……


“Véritable billard électrique bingo de bar. Monayeur à réviser. A enlever sur place. Faire une offre.”









Well almost seven years later, France gives us another peak at this Bingo:



Looks like one Rollover lights up the 4 Corners and the other the Super Lines


_ That is one heck of a player Score Card _





I wonder if TMC stands for The Monte Carlo!

























If you can identify this Bingo please email me – Thank you!