Bingo Pinballs

Created on 06-23-2010 _ Last Update 01-08-2020


Gerald helped us identify this Bingo as a kit`


Bingo Pinball = Pyramids Legend


In 2017 I wrote that I do not think we will ever see one of these; this is a “kit” that was likely “kitted-over” again…

…and Master View came out right after this (within months) and has all of these games and more!


Now that statement there about “within months” – I have no idea why I wrote that. I do not know if that is true,

and it would be a huge technology change a small TFT screen to two TFTs replacing the entire backglass.





What I didn’t mention is that this is likely a “kit” for Sirmo’s Magic Screen games that have this exact 6-card format`





pl 1  pl 1b  pl 1c


pl 1d  pl 1e


This is our first good look at the power of the TFT display, which I accurately wrote was to be: A prelude of the Future,

where video will dominate the design of the next-generation of games!



Once Coy pointed me in the right direction, I found these instruction to back up this being a “kit”


_ Instructions released in two languages _



Later in 2015-2016, I made a second page for these with this detail`






w/credit to (Coy) and this link`





Misc 2020`


Pyramids Legend Sirmo Features


5 Games

6 Cards

3 Mystics

Penalty Game

Magic Bonus

Super Bonus




Better viewed with the TFT screen

Multilanguage ENG, FR, NL and other language on request

The information shown through the TFT, makes it very easy to play the different games, this will attract new players

Bill acceptor JCM EBA-21

Compact hopper

Electronic coin mech AL06






From the SiRMO website today 01-08-2020`








Like I mentioned, I am not at all surprised we have never seen an actual machine,

these were probably obsolete before they even had a chance`




By the quality of the photography, what few backglasses I have seen may all be from the same source`