Bingo Pinballs

Created on 05-10-2020



Here is a nice image from a hidden corner of Bingo Butch’s shop`


Mike William.jpg2.jpg



...a history of playfields for sure, but what really caught my eyes is that 28-hole Shoot-a-Line`


The clearest view I have seen yet of those decorative plastics`




Original 50+ year old bingo pinball machine playfield plastics. Made for games from circa 1962-1963. These plastics were used on a few of the 28 hole Bally bingo games such as Shoot A Line, Shoot-A-Line 63, and Bowl A Lane. They have paint age and some warping to some. Still in usable condition for their age. See the photos. Set of (6) plastics. If you look closely there are some differences. Each set consists of (4) 5.75" X 2" shields and (2) 5.75" X 1.75" shields.






…an interesting little ad from Japan, how would someone from overseas know about those (3) bingos?























Main photo is courtesy of Mike William Glauda






























…I have never heard the playfields referred to as Shutter Boards - Cool`



































…unique for the Bingos`