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         jerry kaczmarek

         Aug 26, 2014


_ 1999 replays _I never heard of any Bigno paying out that much! _



So, I asked spit and he straightened me right out _ laugh,



hi old buddy.there was no one shot or game that would pay 1999 nickels or quarters,all the big hits I made

like the 1550 dollars at boodles on Charleston were progressive jackpots,the most any 25 hole machine would

go to on the meter was 999,usally they went to 899.i hi hit that to many times to remember,i would usally

hit the 1,19,24,23..8,with the red rollover lit like on the picture im pointing to,or the 2,7,16,5,14.also

with red rollover lit you could move the magic screen after 5th ball with the odds of all three colors at

least 120.the 20 hole machine started with the orient and Bahama beach all the way to the venice.the machine

in the newspaper article,inbetween was the magic ring,double up,and big wheelall of them went to 1999,but

not on one shot,the most you could hit was 1200 nickels or quarters on one shot.i made a nice score at guys

pool hall,guy chevala did not think I could beat the machines without cheating,so a bookie in new Orleans

put up the money and I played his Bahama beach,they said each nickel was represented as a do llar.were stuck

130 dollars and hit a 120 2 staer game wheni hit the shot by making the 4 from the 2nd row guy couldn't

believe his eyes and tilted it with 863 credits or dollars on it and said now I believe you now paid us the

863 dollars andsaid I was barred from both his joints he also owned lees expressway rest.both across the river

from new Orleans.the glass house restaurant,down the hwy is were I hit 1200 quarters on the Bahama beach,when

I cashed in in had to get paid in a booth by Vincent Marcello,carlos brother,he said if if I ever played

another lucky coin machine company pinball it would be my last,i was already barred from new Orleans ,so

hat finished me in the whole town,thats went I headed to lass vegas for good.and was really surprised when

settled there.i write you with the whole vegas history later have to go to deal craps at the pioneer now

your close pal always spitten jerryFrom: jerry kaczmarek