Bingo Pinballs

Created on 7-27-2010 _ Last Update 11-02-2016



_ I spotted this Girl on ebay.Italy _




The lady selling this bingo titled it “Pinko” which fits – laugh!


…now I list this with the Wimi’s from the Dead Zone, but who really knows – that seems to be a 1980 Bally Continental cabinet, which means this thing was likely built in the early 80s sometime _ those buttons look to be metal and look to be somewhat flush with the handrail, so maybe this isn’t a TSCC Bingo.


To further peg the date and origin, next we’d need to turn to the 1976 Miss America, which has the same babes and was one of the “lower-case” 2-Cards games, so this is not a simple street spin – and many of the early Belgium games were 2-Card and Wimi has a manual out for Miss Bonus, so……


Although said. The Miss Bonus manuals highlight Miss Bonus in one of the solid-oak cabinets, so something here is more than slightly odd



In some ways Miss Bonus 2 seems to be a bit of an Anomaly…












_ Welcome to the Dead Zone _











































































































~ I wonder if we’ll ever know!


 _ Ever know Pinko! _