Bingo Pinballs

Created on 01-15-2018



I’d be interested where this thing got started` …Corners Scoring is a such a great feature`


Miami Beach new made 1.jpg


...and Miami Beach from Bally is a great spin on this, getting you to think a bit, invest a bit,

and offering a pretty huge return`


Corners Score 100 – Corners Score 300


…that is 15-bucks and in 1955 that is some Bank …Dinner, Drinks, and a Movie for you and your wife`


They get you a bit in coin-play, advance features, and requiring even a few more nickels to open up the Curtain,

but Man, worth every coin – Worth chasing and we did`


…the 24 and 5 easy` and the 12 and 13 …a bit harder, but totally possible right`






Now we have Bally Night Club and another Jewel where Corners scores 5-in-line`


…and this is a Magic Squares game with 256 possible combinations…




Extended Play, including After the 5th Ball


This is worth chasing and we did`


What, you never Hit the 10, 7, 1, 14 – Yeah, all day long!