Bingo Pinballs

Created on 02-21-2016



 This is a real nice touch someone did, using the handrail to explain the (4) buttons on the door!


…cuz, they are definitely specialized and not at all intuitive nor common!


Palm Beach was one of the few (maybe the only) pick’n’play Bingos!


The red button started a game, toss in a coin, hit the read button and the machine would go ahead and lift a ball for you<


But, if you wanted to first play additional coins and try for better odds and features you could,


Toss in another coin,


Then choose how you want it to affect the machine, what features or area, you want it to target,


If you press the red button, it will randomly advance all advantages


Or press the blue button, it will target only advancing the skill scores


Or press the yellow button, it will only target advancing the super-cards, 4 corners, stars, or spot a number


Or press the green button and the machine will only advanced the extra ball arrows,


…and you can do this all day long if you want to _ but it has to be before you shoot the first ball,










_ Sweet _