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When I opened my email the other day, I had a nice surprise!


Phil Bogema emailed me to say Hello and he shared a nice little treat with us!


_ Now you will see Phil in my “Who’s Who” area and his treat below is exactly the reason why _ Phil is Old Guard _


 _ A long time Player and Fan of the games, Phil is “connected-up” _ Very Cool _


Thxs for writing in again and sharing Phil _ I really appreciate it!!


Phil Bogema

Mar 29



Danny, this is Phil Bogema out in Denver. Been a while. Well, I’ll tell ya more later, but my collection has been whittled from 31 machines to just 7 now, and most need to be restored as the ones I had done and finished sold.


Anyway, I had a discussion with Steve Smith in Virginia yesterday and thought about some of the stuff I have that may interest you. Specifically, I am attaching photos of that "New In Box" Silver Sails that was listed on eBay about 13 years ago. I think you reference it somewhere in your pages.


That machine was sold to a buyer in the northWestern U.S., who uncrated it and set it up. After a short time, another collector in California contacted me to see if I knew where it was. I told him and he got in touch with the owner, paid a small fortune for the machine and moved it down to the Los Angeles area.


There are photos as presented on the eBay listing as well as the set up machine at this guy's home.




Phil Bogema


“31-Bingos _ Wow!!”



_ OK, the Treat _















“Awesome! – A little reminder for ya all, why Phil is in my Who’s Who!”










Good to hear from you again Brother _ Excellent!!












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