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Dah! Of course I started emailing Jeff when I first started getting into these Bingo Pinballs _ I sure wish I had the whole email thread to share with you, but none-the-less I wanted to get the remaining email remnant below out here since jeff mentions the “schematics & manuals & play cards & transparencies” he sells _ Very Cool……




Actually, I have 14 Bingo games up & running right now and have 14 others to set up as space permits. One of the things you will learn as you delve deeper into this hobby is that each person brings a certain level of experience. Just as soon as you think you know all there is to know, someone throws a problem your way that stumps you. That's how Bingo Game repair is.

I have helped well over 100 people with problems since my book came out. Many reached the point of ability to fix their trouble only after completely understanding the small number of sample circuits I offered in chapter 14 of my book.

I enjoyed your web site. I support Phil Hopper with technical info from time to time and would be happy to answer questions you have, or receive from those who visit your site. I accept phone calls for repair problems.

I sell schematics & manuals and play cards, which I create on my computer. I also sell transparencies for Lido, Bikini & Bounty lock down bar button identification, which can be nailed down on top of a clean blank metal lockdown bar cover.

Good luck with your site. As time permits, I hope to read all the content.

Jeffrey Lawton




































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