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Created on 09-19-2015


I know I have some notes on “how to play the one ball games” _ I am still searching, laugh!!


Well anyway, today I found this Turf King image to help get us started – The “one ball concept” pre-dates the Bingos:






We are all familiar with the pinball game played just for amusement and the slot machine played for gambling purposes. Put the two together and you have the "One Ball" Pinball that was popular until 1951, when the Johnson Act outlawed gambling machines.


Unlike "amusement" type pinballs that gave a player 5 to 10 balls for a coin, the "One Ball" was more like a slot machine giving the player only one shot to hit a winner. Also, like some slots, the "One Ball" allowed the player to insert multiple coins to increase his odds. Many "One Ball" machines automatically paid out coins, like a slot, when a winner was hit. Other "One Ball" machines displayed the winnings via a free play counter. The player could use his winnings to keep playing or call an attendant and get paid off in cash.


Most of the "One Ball" games had a horse race theme and were, therefore, frequently referred to as a horserace machine. Horse race names such as Jockey Club, Kentucky, Multiple Races and Preakness were commonly used for "One Ball" pinballs.


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of course Raymond is way ahead of me _ cool


a totally crappy video, laugh, but cool _ he crams a bunch of nickels in this thing and hits a payoff











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