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bernie wimi old brussels 7-16-2011


Phil has some great pictures of this Bingo`- If you can, please send the IPDB a set of photos and a flyer too please`






old brussels1.jpg


10-coin Bingo


7th-coin Red Diagonals on Cards 1,2,3

8th-coin Red Diagonals on Cards 4,5,6

9th-coin Magic Number Hit on Cards 1,2,3 Doubles all Scores on Card

10th-coin Magic Number Hit on Cards 4,5,6 Doubles all Scores on Card

Corners Scores as 5-in-Line

Magic Number

Super Lines



 (Yellow enables Corners)

(Red enables Super Lines)


The mystery here is that Red Box that states “Selector Top Number” and those Orange Circles`






 I like how those Super Line numbers light up – Nice`







…ok, a little more detail`




“Wi-Mi Belgium”


I really like that, been a while since I have searched on it - Hmmm`




I can just see this mounted in one of those nice, dark, solid-wood cabinets – This would be a very good-looking Bingo`


A nice “stately” look with that Old Brussels theme`




I wonder if that Selector Top Number feature is somehow associated with those Red Circles`


Ok, the 9th and 10th coins set to Double the Score on any card where you hit the Magic Number – Nice,


…I wonder if the Rollovers enable all six cards or do they award at random,


We know the Magic Number is random, so this Bingo could be pretty challenging, addicting`


I am pretty sure I could nail the 1, 22, 11, 21, 8  smile`









I totally want one`
















…ok, this one is interesting and maybe the answer to the odd paint work we see on the cabinets`


That my friends is a Miss Americana Triple Bonus cabinet`


Now Phil’s cabinet is the same box style, but has a custom paint job most likely done by a private party – a civilian, not Wimi`


Here in the States, in late 2019 one of these was being sold on Letgo, and it also had the same paint job as Phil’s`

It’s my guess that it’s likely the same machine, but regardless, it likely means that Old Brussels could have been a “kit” an upgrade`





The folks at pinballcollectors have a couple question marks next to this one – I bet, smile`


To me it explains a lot and leads to a few more questions, smile`




























































old brussels2.bmp