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Law Related Keynote Dates:


·        1938 – Pinballs go to the Washington State Supreme Court w/ People v. Gavenhorst

·        1941 – Mayor LaGuardia Destroys New York Pins (was still occurring in 1949)

·        1943 – Philadelphia Supreme Court outlaws multi-coin pinballs

·        1951 – The Johnson Act                                   

·        1954 – The IRS Imposes  Tax Restrictions on pinballs that sounds the Death Nell for these machines

·        1957 – The Korpran Decision

·        1962 – The Gambling Devices Act (U.S. Department of Justice)

·        1962 – A Roman Catholicism Perspective

·        1964 – United States v. One Bally "Barrel-O-Fun Coin-Op Gambling Device," Brozzetti v. Rogers,

·        1966 – The Journal of Criminal Law, Criminality, and Police Science

·        1969 – Washington State Senators clarify state law

·        1979 – The FBI’s Involved

·        1995 – Hawaii’s Supreme Court directs that “flipperless pinballs” are gambling devices

·        1999 – Halifax, Nova Scotia uses “suspect” 25-hole pay-off odds to help evaluate VLTs

·        2000 – California Supreme Court ruling involving Bingos

·        2006 – Australian Internet Invokes the Law





Australian Law:


Legislation in Australia prohibits the possession, the sale, exchange or attempted sale, without a license (issued by the governing body for gaming in their home state) of the following: A gaming or an amusement device that is designed for the playing of a game of chance, or a game that is partly a game of chance and partly a game requiring skill.


This includes devices capable of the paying out of money or tokens or for registering a right to an amount of money or money's worth to be paid. The legislation extends to and includes any subsidiary equipment or component of a gaming device. Common items that fall within this category include Poker and Bingo Pinball Machines and accordingly these items will not be permitted for sale on AussieROO.


For information concerning the definition of a gaming device and license requirements please consult the following organizations:


NSW: Department of Gaming and Racing

ACT: ACT Revenue Office

QLD: The Office of Gaming Regulation

SA: The office of the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner

TAS: The Tasmanian Gaming Commission

VIC: The Victorian Casino Gaming Authority

WA: Racing Gaming & Liquor Western Australia

NT: Northern Territory Treasury











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