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Bingo, bingo, or pinball, is one of the Sähköfortunan shape. Bingo appearance reminds a typical pinball backboxeineen, but there the similarities cease.

The game field is a number of numbered monttuja which the balls are caught. Bingo is typically five to play ball machine, extra balls to get three to five, either the value of the winning pin, a target was hit or buying with credits such as most of the pinball.

Back Box is your bingo board, the numbers are lit by getting the balls to the numbered pit in the ground. The game is to form a grid, three, four or five numbers straight. Longer straight, of course, give a larger profit. Many games also include other goals, such as for example, all the corners of your bingo board ignited.

Money Pelinä bingo is probably the biggest money robber. Beginning of the game the player may use your bingo board, one by one, credits Fri grid. After grids for additional options, such as vinottaisrivit, the higher the profit will double rows or gains can be purchased for each box separately. All the options will pay credits and all options must be purchased separately Fri grid. So a player can easily be lost in a mere twenty credits for the game to home! Today's currency, the opening round of the game may be easily burned for more than € 10.

The standard game of ball after which the player can buy extra balls. Balls depends on the value of the available amount of profit, and may have hundreds of credits jackpot is hit, one away. In most machines, jackpot is more than one hundred times on effort.

Bingo usually contains a grid to facilitate the filling of tasks, such as TARGET, which, after striking a number of the hole the ball went to light the light next to kuoppan your bingo board. Some games allow players to transfer numbers, places or other ways to improve the probabilities of victory.

Bingo is primarily directed at gambling device. It is not seen very many individuals in Finland, where the type of aircraft to the general public was as a guest. Central Europe, this type of machine is still going strong, and new machines are produced in the 2000s still inside, though the popularity is waning, others paying slot machines and Internet gambling industry in a Tessa. Bingo halls have been throughout its history, the legality of the border lands. Of gambling allowed in an area of ​​the machine hopper is usually no fee for the victory, but most machines are glued to the "amusement only" label. The site for the payment of profits under the counter, then the law controlling eye is not seeing.