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Looks like these guys know pins _ “It’s Showtime”










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On this page you can see the restoration of a Bally Bingo "Showtime" build in 1957.
Only 450 pcs are ever made of this machine.

When we received this machine it was in a poor condition. When these machines came in Holland, the brown pub was very common. These machines were to colorfull and didn't fit into the interieur of the pub. A lot of these machines were then foreseen of a brown glued plastic which ruins the paint when you take it off again.

The lightbox and the case had different serienumbers and were probably once mixed up. Both were also changed to put on credits in a different way.. First we had to bring this machine in the original condition, took out all extra wires and revised all changed wires and connections.As this is one of the most difficult mechanical machines it took a long time to get this machine get working again.

For those of you who are not familiar with bingo pinball machines, they are essentially a gambling device like the ubiquitous "one arm bandits" but instead of pulling the handle for objects to line up, you shoot five balls onto a field of 25 holes to try to make a three, four or five in a row on a bingo card shown on the backglass display.  Different machines have features to make things more interesting.  The more money you put in at the start, the more features and/or payout odds are activated. When there were many points earned the pay-out took place by the owner of the machine.


The Bingo before the restoration

The first layer

some layers later


Also the playfield is restored (a new glass is not yet mounted )

Here is the machine back in the original colors.






























A very nice restoration from the Nederlands!!