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Bingoautomaten worden verplicht uitgerust met eID-kaartlezer

vrijdag 14 januari 2011



BRUSSEL (BELGA) - Vanaf 1 juli moeten alle nieuw bingoautomaten in de Belgische cafés uitgerust zijn met een eID-kaartlezer, om de leeftijd van de spelers te controleren. Daarover is binnen de ontslagnemende federale regering een akkoord bereikt.




Bingoautomaten are equipped obliged with eID-kaartlezer

Friday 14 January 2011



BRUSSELS (BELGA) - as from 1 July all new bingoautomaten in the Belgian bars must be equipped with eID-kaartlezer, to check the age of the players. About that within the ontslagnemende federal government an agreement has been reached.




New bingo machines to verify age

Thursday, January 13, 2011, 5:09 p.m.

Source: Belga

Author: MTM




From July 1 all new bingo machines in Belgian bars equipped with an eID card reader to the age of the players to control. Says that the Office of the Secretary of State for the Coordination of Fraud Carl Devlies.

The new bingo machines will only take effect after the electronic identity of an adult in the card reader is installed. In this way, the game ban for minors be monitored.

By January 1, 2015, all bingo machines in bars equipped with a Belgian eID reader. The bartender will still have an operator card, which he even someone without an electronic ID card can play such a Café visitor who has left his ID at home.


"More efficient and effective '


Once the operator card is played, the shifts control of the majority or the bartender. If it appears that the pub owner and his manager card allows minors to play, he risks not only losing his license, but suspended him a heavy fine and a prison sentence over the head.


The eID card reader makes Devlies by "an efficient and effective scrutiny of the game ban for minors."


Also Marjolein De Paepe, spokeswoman for the Gambling Commission, is satisfied with the measure. "Until now, no automatic control of the game ban for minors. That which now comes an important step forward. "