Bingo Pinballs

Created on 1-19-2012 _ Last update 01-01-2017



Original Bingo Poker


Now here are some of the best graphics yet on these virtual pinballs coming out, that is simply a good-looking machine`


 I also love it that the “bingo theme” is alive and well, even if not pure bingo, it’s great to see those holes in the playfield`


Odd, laugh … 31`


Still very appropriate, reminiscent of both Golden Turf and Flipperino…



Clearly the technology is a view of things to come, there has just been so much progress these last few years`


Digital yes, Graphics-based yes, and maybe not the exact feel of the real hardware, of the early IR Pinball games,


But Man! this course advances everything, here with a couple of simple clicks, likely you can add whatever theme interests you`






Stick around, virtual is the future and one day will let us dial in all of the machines to our exact preference`