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OK <> United often got a bad-rap for “copying bally” but I until “Playtime” I don’t give that a whole lot of credit _ Go ahead and look in the backboxes, United clearly did their own engineering and in many way it was simpler (smarter) and easy to work on than the Bally machines!


Now, United started in the early 50s with their Lite-a-Name machines!


~ Here is Brazil and it Rocks ~




_ Vic Camp Bingos _


Brazil Backglass


Lite-a-Name, like the Roto-Game, were United features that were actually copied by Bally. Lite-a-Name preceded the Red Letter games and Roto-Game preceded the Magic Squares machines.


The object of Lite-a-Name was just that: Use the playfield features to light the game-name one-letter-at-a-time and I bet it kept more than one player on the machine a little longer than they may have otherwise played. This was truly a “come-on” feature for the current player as well as the next. Being progressive in function, the game continued into the next game as needed, where the letters would only reset once the name was completed no matter how long it took. The only other way to clear it was to cycle the power and I bet the owner/operators turned these machines off frequently, laugh. 


This feature was on a number of the United Bingos and here on Brazil, three features advanced the letters: Hole (24) as shown above and the two Rollovers displayed here, which also gave you an Extra Ball if lit, for a total 3 extra balls if your luck and skill held out. The United “double-duty” Rollovers are very cool!


Now check out that center Score Card for the Lite-a-Name payoff: “Player will receive Top Scores position and Selection feature on next game” – Another “come-on” to keep you on the machine – Cool–as-Hell, but still a hook.













~ The Lite-a-Name payoff varied on the bingos, so will look at a few more later ~




























































































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