Bingo Pinballs

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Now so far we have got a pretty good look at these G.A.A.’s and they all appear to be a bit different. This New Continental is similar to the New Continental Golden simply because the NGCs were upgrades, but so far the controllers and access still appear different.


French CanCan is a different animal and Super Six Cards and Miss Nevada appear different too _ So far, we are seeing that Miss Nevada is most similar to the Bally Continentals, which maybe our clue to reconstructing the keypads for them and maybe our best clue as to who built the Ballys


~ Now here is a “killer set” of photos from Dave Gower showing the guts on a G.A.A. New Continental _ Very Cool ~



Now, there are a few similar looking machines, but there are differences`





















Awesome Dave _ Thank you`



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We need a picture set inside a coin door here, so we can see connector details`






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It is interesting, no where do I see a plug in for a Control Box






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