Bingo Pinballs

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~ Chris Dade & Coos Hackyort are both making New Backglasses and it looks like they can even alter them a bit if desired ~



~ Take a look at the two Bikini BGs – The color hues were an effect from the process, but demonstrates what is possible ~


~ You can find out more on the sites, but here is some notes from Keith ~


  Chris prints out on a special semi-translucent paper or maybe even plastic film.  He also prints out the "black out" sheet for where no light comes through. 

He mails that to you.  You have to go get two pieces of eighth inch glass and sandwich all that in between there yourself.  He only wants roughly 115 dollars.

Coos is actually printing on glass.  He uses a big printer that slides over the glass which lays flat on a table.  He uses some kind of special ink.  As I

understand it takes several passes and a few hours to complete.  Coos sells them for around three hundred bucks.  He said the difference in the

Bikini glass is because there was a difference in the way two different printers interpreted the same exact file.




Coos - Bally Bingo Specials







~ Somewhere their webpages talk about the reproduction process – Pricing above is likely outdated! ~

















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