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Created on 12-23-2019 _ Last update 02-23-2020


It looks like I lost a webpage for these too, I have a Photo Addendum, so that means I once had a main page too`

I apologize, that missing page must have some great stuff on it, this is a very interesting Bingo`

Bingo Pinball = New Continental

The detail from that Addendum`

Created on 08-29-2015


For the Hunters`


In 2015 I wrote: “Clearly this started out as a Bally Cabinet Design, but Wow!


I don’t think I knew about the “special cabinet and paint job” bingos when I wrote that – Hmmm`

Clearly this is part of that family of Bingos that all seem to ship into France & Spain`


 Side Note: These guys addressed most of the cabinet security issues and added an “extra” - What is the key-slot on the left??







See my Electronic/Digital Bingo Section



A nice simple 6-card Bingo – I like it`

4 Corners

Super Lines


Magic Numbers






Multiplier _ Progressive Bonus if Multiplier 5x _ Progressing Bonus Flashing Number


I nice window on the backglass to guide you through the Double-or-Nothing buttons – Sweet`








bottom lable.jpg






This machine is equipped with Telex so you can call-in collections and credits`




Maybe the best of the Continental playfields`







Some Internals`










insidelooking forward.jpg










I have (4) .zip files of this stuff, so someone wrote to me asking for help on this Bingo`

I am sorry I do not remember, nor do I seem to have those emails – Hmmm`


Now I really wish I knew where that missing webpage is`


One of this .zips is named Mr. David Gower`


Thank you Dave` I hope I helped,























2019`obviously this is the start of a clean-up long overdue –Three things to do here soon`


1)   Load the .zip files and add links to them

2)   Add links to the pages I mention being in my Solid State Section

3)   Finish out a page for the “special cabinet” games and link to it here







_ February 2020 _


I like a Bingo Pinball like this, one with a little mystery behind it`


new continental.png


new continental.png1.png new continental.png2.png


Check out the background _ This game looks good in this solid wood cabinet, a nice classy appearence`









































Stay tuned`




























































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