Bingo Pinballs

Created on 7-16-2010 - Last Updated 12-31-2015


To continue their trend of Section-Scoring games Bally released the Mystic Line bingos that ran from Border Beauty in 1965 to Tahiti in 1979!


These weren’t some “by-magic-bingos” that Bally deserves any credit for _ Hell, the dates show us that they were starting to get desperate and finally got around to sweeping out the closets, trying to stay in the business, laugh!


In actuality, these machines are one of Don’s earlier visions to change-things-up: Don submitted the patent for the concept in 1960 _ and Bally “owning the patents” finally jumped on the chance to “look fresh” _ Hell, Don was gone from Bally by early 62 and Bally didn’t release the design until 65’


Once again, Don continues to be there for us “as he still does” even to this day!


As I’ve alluded to: Things were definitely changing and shaking up at Bally in the early 60’s~!


…but, none-the-less, a 14-year run is still very impressive,


and given the fight against bingos and even though a few of us vets hated loosing the 5-by-5 bingo cards, these things “kind of” did OK,


There aren’t too many of the early 20-hole machines around, but for those that “liked the game-within-a-a-game” concept, even those Bingos became and are still are popular today!







~ I have 20 or so detailed photos like those above from Keith if you’d like them ~



~ A Don Hooker treat from the US Patent Office ~









A new name: Charles T. Breitenstein







Other than the patent, the Mystic Gate manual was one of the few Bally manuals that detailed the Mystic Lines: