Bingo Pinballs

Created on 7-15-2015 - Last Update 01-01-2016


~ Magic Screen, well ya gotta love that name and Bally “hit it” with it’s debut in 1958 on the Carnival Queen ~


The magic screens were basically Section Scoring and very attractive – No more moving of the numbers, now you worked toward the goal of “capturing your numbers” in “weird odd shaped” groups and with the allure of gaining larger-and-large payouts – laugh – What’s not to like!


- Sweet –


This Queen-Machine actually boasted “2 Numbers in a Section may actually pay 5-in-Line”





~ Carnival Queen ~






So let’s here is a bit more on the Magic Screens – A bit of the Designers View!





~ Awesome! ~


A few people have wondered if Don Hooker really designed everything inside the bingos and for the most part, I think everyone agrees that he was the main architect behind these machines. Although said, Don left Bally in 61’/62’ and the later 20-Hole games have solid-state circuitry in them that someone else had to of designed. Also in Russ Jensen’s interview Don mentions that others were involved in the design process, we just have never known whom, other than Bernie Bernstein who is credited with having developed the Reflex unit. In looking at Don’s (Donald E. Hooker) patent history today, it is very easy to believe he was the genius behind these machines, his work goes well beyond the world of bingos and clearly shows he was a senior electro-mechanical engineer and pioneer, driving the new technologies behind these games and developing device-after-device to sustain the bingo and gaming industries.



Trivia: Today in my research, it was interesting to note that Don came back to Bally in the late 70s and to work on the slots for them……….

































~ New name: Roman A. Tojza ~



~ Notice that patent date of 1961 – Hmmm! ~



~ Notice the list of works this design was predicated on dating back to 1910! ~