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From: James Schidlowsky <james.schid@

To: bingopinballs

Sent: Thursday, August 4, 2016 8:08 AM

Subject: bingos spotted in movies


Hello there.


I spotted a couple of bingo machines in some movies that maybe you didn't know about...


1. A Laguna Beach (Bally, 1960) in John Waters' "Cry-Baby" (1990). The attached photo is just for reference and not very good because I just shot it off my TV screen... it looks like someone put bat stickers on the backglass.









_ Thanks James _


…I was wondering the source of this one,




 _ Courtesy Dennis and the Pingeek _







1958/1959 Steve McQueen


 a Double Header and another Bally,


 my guess, another Double Header,



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Aug 27 at 7:05 AM


To Danny Leach


3 Bally "Night Club" machines (1956) in the movie "Flesh and Bone", which involves a scene in a warehouse filled with various vintage vending & coin-operated amusement machines, some of which I identify in this post:








1980: Razza Selvaggia


IMDB : Razza Selvaggia
Anno : 1980
regia : Pasquale Squitieri
Attori: Claudio Bertoni, Enzo Cannavale
Genere: commedia
Apparizione: un “Big Hunt” AMI, un “Woods Queen” Zaccaria, un “Jolly Joker” (kit italiano, e’ dentro un mobile con il disegno del “Ten Up”) ed un bingo Bally “Cypress Gardens”
Dove: in un bar/sala giochi
Segnalata da: Piero Cavina