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You see some of these “odd mods” and you “think what the heck”, but after a second glance or two, some of them are pretty cool _ You can get some neat ideas to help customize your machine by just looking around:


……He’s screwed on a set of wood rails, over the original rails……


……Maybe to give it some depth or something _ Hmmm……



……That black background along the outside really helps makes the playfield standout……


……Also probably helps one read those custom (homemade) Score Cards……



This Bingo definitely has some miles on it!!!




~ Well, in reading Keith’s email response, that last saying of mine really has some meaning! ~



Keith Nickalo

Jul 17


On this page you wrote...

He's screwed on a set of wood rails over the original rails.  Maybe to give it some depth or something.


Those extra wood rails are slotted and you can slide a piece of Plexiglas in there to protect your backglass from getting smashed by a sore loser.  I've had dozens of machines like this.  Very popular around here.  Not hard to remove either.


Something we very seldom talk about is the gambling addict.  There were people who'd sink their whole paycheck in these machines as soon as they got it.


These games were very addictive.  On one of your pages you wrote how the old machines had a way of pulling your mind into the machine's theme.  I think it was on a Tahiti page.  You said it carries your mind away, at least partially, for a moment or two to the place of the game theme.  You get caught up in it.  No, you're not really a pathetic gambler losing your money.  You're in Singapore surrounded by beautiful women having a good time.  Plus as we have said before, when you win, the three percent skill aspect lets you believe you yourself have accomplished something.  You didn't get lucky.  You beat it!  You bested that sucker!  YOU ARE A WINNER!  In truth the guys a pathetic loser who will be back tomorrow to give his winnings back and then some.


They get addicted to it and can't stop.  They try alternate methods of qutting/stopping the addiction.


I knew a guy who told me he'd go to play the bingos after he got paid and he'd throw half his money into the trunk of his car along with the key to the trunk.  That way he couldn't lose it all.  When he got home he'd get his spare car keys and get the other half of his money out of the trunk.


I knew a guy who said he smashed the playfield glass in an attempt to get kicked out and banned from the establishment.  It didn't work.  They are too smart for that.  They charged him ten dollars (late seventies time period) for the playfield glass and told him not to worry about it.


I know a guy who currently goes down to Mountaineer Park over in West Virginia,  It's a racetrack.  They got slots and table games. He's a gamblaholic.  He tries to be mean and insulting to the staff in order to get kicked out and barred from returning.  That don't work either.  He tells me they just smile at him and wish him better luck next time.


Anyway, I'm babbling on here.  Replacing the backglass every time some gambler wanted to be kicked out and threw and beer bottle through it was probably and PITA so they would protect them with Plexiglas.













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