Bingo Pinballs

This Page Last Updated 5-31-2010


~ As I have been studying all of the misc photos I have on the Belgium Bingos, I have been thinking a “Game Identification” page is in order ~


I wanted to post this lone “Magic Miss” picture I have, but although 2-Card format it didn’t remind me of any of the Sirmo games, this lead

me to wondering if it wasn’t a “street-spin” and maybe I missed something – The playfield gave me the most definitive clue and led me

to it being a Wimi Bingo and another semi-rare (I’ve never seen before) bingo I also had a picture of – Then it was perfectly clear!




~ These babies were true Wimi spins of their 1990 Miss Belgium ~



~ Definitely 3-of-a-Kind – All with the exact-same playfield and all with similar backglass layout and playing features ~


Here’s an image of the common playfield – Take a good look at the ladies on this – I will come back to this a little later, on another Sirmo page!