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Created on 6-09-2010 _ Last Update 3-24-2016


Well, I bet they didn’t even give it thought! When America was looking for an export market, naturally they turned to Europe _ Part of the ‘Western World” and already home to friendly Established-Trade-Routes, Amusement Machines, and Growing-Economies with ready-cash in the hands of private-citizens _ It’s my guess that there is much more to the Belgium-Connection, but for sure America set Her sites on taking advantage of the existing channels of commerce.


Well Belgium “stepped-up to the call” _ “took control” and finally “never looked back” _ other to pay tribute to some of the early games _ the grace of homage as they wound a new-and-welcome period in the history of the Bingos!


Things would later settle themselves and a mature industry would finally emerge, but for a while there, there were the Dead Years!


…and every now-and-then, we see hints of this Dead Zone that hopefully someone will step up and share the whole story someday,


Here are two Mississippi Bingos side-by-side, that it’s “my guess” you have never seen before!


Notice the “dark blue” background……




Now the playfield on this Mississippi looks like the Sirmo PF we saw on the New York and Manhattan Bingos!




This “light blue” Bingo with it’s “red banner” clearly shows that there is this more than one version of this Magic Lines game!


I can’t quite identify that PF, but certainly it’s not the same shown above – Looks more like one of the Skittle game playfields with the Pretty Ladies down on both sides of the bottom field _ Hmmm!



Coy writes in here is March 2016 and shares a 3rd-Verison with us!




“Quattro” _ Along with an expanded-theme, a different playfield and different coin door! _ Perhaps even different cabinet molding!


Do these (3) Bingos help us delve into the Early-Years _ Help tell a Story waiting to be told!


My guess is Yes!




Gerald (COY)

PS: you may have already noticed that Wimi's Miss Bonus and Sirmo's
Miss Americana shared parts together !
(main door, coin entry)

In fact some people from Sirmo left to work for wimi in the begining of
electronics bingo.

Also, I have heard that even board architecture and software have
"common parts" and might have designed by same team but in different




















 ~ Yes My Friends, a quick little tour through the Dead Zone! ~
































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