Bingo Pinballs

Created on 08-06-2010 _ Last update 02-10-2020




I first spotted one of these Bingo Pinballs in 2010`when I found this backglass out here on the Internet. Naturally

I was excited, but not too excited. With such a crappy picture and it not being on either Phil’s site nor the IPDB, I

didn’t know if it was a real game or some sort of street knock-off – Smile, well now we do know`


…and not only is a legit Wimi bingo, it is part of a family`


Bingo Pinball = Miss Europe


Image 350





Next 2015 rolled by and I spotted this one with some great detail,


nll nlll


Wow, I really like that subtle artwork, it’s awesome – Very quiet almost like a watermark`




Well the story continued in 2017`when Jörgen van Uden from The Netherlands solves the mystery for us!




Very Cool, thanks Brother!










Image 21.png


This really is a pretty game, with just enough features.


Neither simple nor complex, just a nice balance to keep it easy to understand and fun to play - Nice`





Now above I mentioned “family” and that is because of these two photos I found here in February 2020`


c1acaf7a39041632e8a2134a148b8d166ef653c5.jpg c9fc84b42e5130758fcb9bace66a989299c6d48c.jpg


…yeah laugh, how I missed that all of these years I will never know`


As you can see by the watermark on these two pics, these games eventually found a home in France`


Also interesting to note: We’ve only seen Miss Queen in an actual cabinet`







































…so far, I hope we do see a machine one day – smile`