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In 2016`I worte: “One of the early Belgium Bingos with a Miss America Supreme playfield” – Hmmm`

I wonder if this playfield really is a Miss America`






Our first good look at the player Score Cards`


Triple Deck Advancing Odds/Scoring and it looks like that center card is a Red Letter next game format`


Kind of odd: How do you divide the (6) possibles up for Miss Bonus?











I like how they moved those cards to the top of the playfield and added a few twists with their progressive Double -or- Nothing


,,,hole 16 advanced the Bonus and you chose to collect a Double Green Score win or let things continue,


They also tossed in Striped Diagonal Scoring also not see on Miss America Supreme


A nice tribute and a nicer step toward there own suite of machines!





I started tracking this Bingo during a bad period for me, I am sorry – Several scattered pages to recover and bring toegther`



Olde Photo Archive`




Very Revealing`





Just Cool`


























Old 2014-2016 Addendum Detail`





Not great pictures (not large) but check out that lower/center score card!


 ~ Definitely Bally Influenced ~




One of the cleaner old metal cabinet doors`





Misc 2019`





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WiMi Miss Bonus



07-27-2005, 04:35 PM  regisma 

Pinball Nudger

Hi, A friend want to give me a WiMi Miss Bonus, Can you suggest me some places where I can find / download some schematics so I can fix this Bingo? Thanks Regis



Now that is what I call a true friend`





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You might want to check out our Bingo section. It's small, but there are 14 recreated tables there. Good Luck.







Somewhere this post really exists, please send me a true working link – Thank you`

Collection de flippers de Maio54 (Salo', Italy) › Maio54


Dec 13, 2019 - MISS BONUS, Wimi (Belgium), Monté, jouable, Jamais, 1997 - WIMI GAMES ... NUMBERS PINBALL COUNTER TOP, autre (voient les notes) ...










This is the third machine now we’ve seen from these guys – Wow, what wonderful work`



Category: PM Pinball Machine / Bingo

Manufacturer: WIMI

Model: Miss bonus

Year: 1997

PM Pinball Machine, Miss Bonus model, produced by WIMI in 1997
Fully restored and perfectly functioning.




France 2019`