Bingo Pinballs

Created on 7-27-2010 _ Last Update 11-18-2019


_ I first spotted one of these bingos on ebay.Italy in 2010 _


  ebay italy Jun 2010 - Pixies Miss Bonus1


The lady selling this bingo titled it “Pinko” which fits – laugh!


Now below you will see a second machine that I spotted this year, also with this older cabinet and also in Italy`


So many that kind of suggests that these Miss Bonus 2 bingos where exports`if they were made by Wimi`


But, take a good look at the backglass below` in the top left corner is a company logo – “Joker” something – Hmmm`


Older Bally cabinets – Continental generation – That key-lock near the coindoor`


In some ways Miss Bonus 2 seems to be a bit of a mystery – an Anomaly…




















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